What is Epidemiology ?


Epidemiology is the study of human health-related states, their distributions and their causes in populations. Methods used to describe the frequency of human health-related states are Descriptive Epidemiology. Methods used to identify the causes of human health-related states are Clinical Epidemiology. Epidemiology is the major tool to understand and control of health problems and therefore closely related to Public Health

Epidemiology Courses and Seminars in Geneva, Switzerland

The objectives are to improve the knowledge of epidemiology and biostatistics among clinicians performing surveys using post-graduate and research seminars by teaching epidemiology to :

  • Medical students from 2nd and 4th years
  • Clinicians in Clinical Research Seminars
  • Health professionals in Postgraduate seminars of epidemiology
Medical School
Other courses and seminars
Professional Organizations and meetings


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