VOICES (Epidemiology)

Last Update: June 10, 2013

We sincerely thank the editors of Epidemiology for helping us link these interviews to the journal's website where the Voices can be freely downloaded..

A Conversation with Sir Richard Doll
Sarah Darby
Epidemiology. 14(3):375-379, May 2003

A Conversation with Zena Stein
Allen J. Wilcox
Epidemiology. 14(4):498-501, July 2003

A Conversation With George W. Comstock
Dale P. Sandler
Epidemiology. 14(5):623-627, September 2003

A Conversation With Mervyn Susser
Nigel Paneth
Epidemiology. 14(6):748-752, November 2003

A Conversation With Jack Schull
Lowell E. Sever
Epidemiology. 15(1):118-122, January 2004

A Conversation With Margaret Becklake
Pierre Ernst
Epidemiology. 15(2):245-249, March 2004

A Conversation With Warren Winkelstein, Jr
Patricia A. Buffler
Epidemiology. 15(3):368-372, May 2004

A Conversation With Brian MacMahon
Walter Willett
Epidemiology. 15(4):504-508, July 2004

A Conversation with Jerry Morris
George Davey Smith
Epidemiology. 15(6):770-773, November 2004

A Conversation With D. A. Henderson
Jonathan M. Samet
Epidemiology. 16(2):266-269, March 2005

A Conversation With Lester Breslow
Claudia R. Baquet
Epidemiology. 16(3):410-413, May 2005

A Conversation With John Pemberton
David Gunnell
Epidemiology. 17(4):479-482, July 2006

A Conversation With Henry Blackburn
Bernard L. Harlow
Epidemiology. 19(3):513-517, May 2008

A Conversation With Jacob Brody
Leslie Stayner
Epidemiology. 19(5):756-759, September 2008

A Conversation With Maureen Henderson
Thomas Koepsell
Epidemiology. 20(5):775-778, September 2009

A Conversation With Pelayo Correa
Elizabeth T. H. Fontham
Epidemiology. 21(1):154-157, January 2010

A Conversation with Lew Kuller (PDF)
Trevor Orchard
Epidemiology. 21(4):580-583, July 2010