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File should be a free form, semi-colon (;) delimited, ASCII table. Such a file should be easy to produce using any database management or statistical software, but, if you need assistance, you may contact Paul Preziosi. SAS user's may also check out our special note and sample program.

All fields, except for identifying variables, should be numeric. A numeric field is an, optionally signed, sequence of digits with a dot (.) as decimal separator and no thousands separator. Precision should be, at least, of three significant digits, still leading or trailing zeros may be ommited. Numbers in scientific notation (6.02e23) are acceptable though they shouldn't be needed.

Categorical variables should be numerically coded according to the guidelines defined for the groups responsible for those variables (verbose labels and formats will be added by database managers).

All missing values should be coded as dot (.). This applies to the case where an item is unavailable in a given cohort: a column of "." should then be inserted in place of the missing field.

No header line or extra comment should be included in the file (only raw data). Extra space before or after the semi-colon is allowed.


Datafile should contain:

  1. Your 5 characters study ID,
  2. Year of survey
  3. Record number (Id code + participant number)
  4. Participants identification variables (living alone, sex, date of birth, date of interview)
  5. Variable 5 to..... variable 227 as described in the print out sent from Geneva.

Data communication

File(s) should be uploaded, by Internet ftp, to host, in directory: sys:/home/euralim. Username and password have been communicated to you during April 1st meeting.

If you have a large data file and a slow link to the Euralim ftp site you may send a compressed file in zip or gzip format.

All information included in this account is under the responsability of EURALIM members and should not be used to stock any other data but EURALIM's.

If you are unfamiliar with ftp you might wish to have a look at our short tutorial and you are welcome to request assistance.

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