Deliverables and Project Milestones
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Reb Ball Deliverables by time and tasks

Duration (months)


Contract deliverables

Technical deliverables


Task 1

First progress report


Task 2

Brochure for the general public*


Brochure for professionals


Questionnaire for professionals


Task 3 Final progress report

* The brochure "Nutrition & The Heart - Healthy Living in Europe" can be ordered at
the data coordinating center in Geneva (French and English) or directly at the
participating partner institutions (French, Italian, Catalan, Spanish, Dutch, English).

Reb Ball  Milestones
Time Content
March 97

Obtain information on protocols, questionnaires and available variables.
April 97 Meeting of the PMT* in Roissy.
April-May 97

Pool data from different groups into a common database.
June-Sept. 97

Compare distributions of CVD risk factors.

to Sept. 97

Determine sources of variability in:
     Green Ball data collection
     Green Ball laboratory methods
     Green Ball biological measurements
     Green Ball quality control procedures.
Sept. 97 First EURALIM conference:
Discussion of data availability, analyses, and sources of variability.
Prepare the general public brochure.
end Sept. 97

First progress report.
until Feb. 98

Finalize general public brochure.
Prepare list of public health professionals and organisations for task 3.
February 98

Second EURALIM conference
Prepare the brochure and questionnaires for the public health professionals
Plan intervention/EURALIM day
Feb.-April 98 Finalize brochures and questionnaire (translation, printing).
May 98 Intervention
Distribution of  brochures and questionnaires to professionals and general public.
June-Sept. 98

Evaluation on local and central level.
Assess the impact of the brochure to professionals by analysis of the public health
professionals' questionnaire.
Assess the impact of the brochure to the general public.
September 98


Third and final EURALIM conference: Evaluation of  the entire project.
mid Sept. 98 Final report.

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